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Slow Snow in South Tyrol

Winter? This time slowly, for all those who appreciate silence, landscapes, the wonders of winter. Experience the cold season in close-up with our slow snow tips - and repeat them as often as you like!

Winter walks

There is no better way to feel the winter than on a winter walk. No need for special equipment, ski passes or lifts - just snow! And this year there is plenty on the mountains of South Tyrol. Whether up to the summit or via the forest, to a mountain hut or in the stillness of nature: everywhere is suited to winter walking! It is best to stay on the marked trails, however, of which each region of course boasts plenty.

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Gliding over the snow

Have you ever walked over the snow without sinking in at each step? Whether the answer is yes or no, why not try out a walk on snowshoes? Your reward is to be completely immersed in the tranquillity of South Tyrol’s glittering winter wonderland – followed by goulash and speck dumplings in a ski hut, not to mention a schnapps to finish off. Cheers!


Take it to the top

Avid winter fans and adrenalin junkies should try conquering the silent mountain peaks on skis! Their spirit of adventure is rewarded with great views of South Tyrol's winter scenery – then a tasty feast in a hut, followed by a brisk descent – the way down is always faster!


South Tyrol in winter

But… where to? To the amazing Dolomites? Or the Vinschgau Valley? What about the Schnalstal Alps, glacier included!
You are spoilt for choice with the mountains of South Tyrol: but a stay with the private landlords of South Tyrol – and perhaps the winter specialists! – means getting the very best in advice, right from the horse’s mouth!