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How to do “törggelen”

Who thinks that „törggelen“ is a culinary amusement, which is held in autumn in South Tyrol, where you can easily arrive and leave by taxi or bus, is completely mistaken.

It works like this:

For those who don’t know „törggelen“ is well defined as the upper class of a drinking and dining spree. And the onces who’d like to follow the whole ritual without compromises have to be provided with:

Alpine boots, torch light – because at night on the way home it will be very dark – , suitable clothing and quite some money.

As explained before, the stopover in the common „Stuben“ is performed correctly only if the arrival and the leaving happens by foot.

The word itself „törggelen gian“ means to go törggelen. But don’t worry, after a sweaty uphill, there is always a nice and funny downhill, especially when friends or family are quite mellow and roll down the hill.

The once who’d like to törggelen in South Tyrol and want to show off with basic knowledge even at the latest hour should know that this little word originates from the latin word „torquere“ and it indicates the act of pressing the grapes. This word also means wine press in German.

The Tyrolean tradition says that farmers used to offer this grape juice to the vineyard-workers along with boiled or roasted chestnuts.

Today the innkeepers serve a substancial meal or „speck „ and home made bread. The guests don’t have to help with the grape harvest to receive a good glass of „siaßn“ wine or the so called new wine.
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