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A flat that brings on a holiday

Vöran-Verano is brightly decked out in its splendid autumnal colours and the drive from Meran over the Tschögglberg mountain affords spectacular views of the wide Etschtal valley. We have booked a weekend at Alber Holiday Flats and are looking forward to seeing our home from home.
“Mummy, are we there yet?“. Yes, I ask myself the same thing! As we finally arrive in the around 1000-strong village, we stop in front of the stately wooden door and ring the doorbell: I hear a girl's voice saying “Die Mama kimp glei“ (“Mummy is coming in a moment“). I can't resist a quick smile – we couldn't wish for a sweeter greeting! Mummy, or Edith Alber, comes to the door to welcome us. Her daughter and mine have already made friends: “Come on, I'll show you the bunny rabbit!“ And all of a sudden Mummy has been forgotten and for the next half hour I only see my daughter out of the corner of my eye playing in the large garden – yes, you could even call it a park! And the weekend has got off to a good start.

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A bit of glitter, glamour and enjoyment

In the meantime, Edith proudly – and justifiably so - shows me our weekend house: it is not just a holiday flat, but a holiday heaven. I can hardly believe the fact that I have got my longed-for veranda. And what a veranda! Affording all-round views of the Etschtal valley, peace and quiet, the warming rays of the sun and ... “Mummy“ - my little girl has just discovered the joys of the veranda, too. There is a hammock which needs testing at once, of course! Edith built the holiday flat with her husband and furnished it with plenty of attention to detail. In her own style. “I would like my guests to feel at their ease here, just as how I feel at home“. The furniture is stylish, traditional, good quality and possesses the essential feel-good factor. Old wood in the bedroom, genuine marble tiles in the kitchen, quality blankets in the bedroom.

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We settle into our apartment and enjoy the luxury of our own veranda. I drink my afternoon coffee and my daughter lies next to me in the hammock. I think to myself that Edith is a host who has a good idea of what her guests are like and what their needs are. You notice that straight away.

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Cows, cakes and cuddles

After enjoying some time on the veranda, it's time for a pleasant foray into the countryside! We're off to the Vöran high plateau. Our host has recommended lots of varied hiking paths and we decide to go to the 'Knottnkino'. After five minutes' drive we reach our starting point and walk along a slightly ascending path through woodland to the so-called 'Knottnkino'. “Look, Mummy!“ calls my daughter excitedly. Yes, I can see it – this natural spectacle really deserves the name of 'cinema'! This is where movies never come to an end! The 'Knottnkino' is one of the most well-known viewpoints in the area and lives up to its name: there are even cinema seats here – fantastic!

After some time spent saying hello to cows, endless picking of flowers and collecting stones, we set off on our way back to the apartment. There is a note pinned to the door: “If you want, you are welcome to come and eat some cake with us, otherwise I'll bring you some to have for breakfast later – Edith“. That's nice! Of course we'll eat cake with her!

Thus a unique day slowly draws to a close, in the evening we cuddle up in bed and listen to the peace and quiet – what a change, what a luxury! Our eyes gleam like the autumn sun in the morning. Thank you Edith, we'll definitely be back again!