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Sustained (and sustainably) green.

Naturally! At the Moar Lodge

For several years now my husband and I have been spending a few days each February in South Tyrol. We call this our “battery-charging break”: peace at last! This year, instead of a hotel, we decided on the Moar Lodge in Burgstall, close by the spa town of Meran with its imperial connotations. Skiing, a spot of culture and (very important!) plenty of nature – the more of each the better. For me, the friendly, careful, “green” use of our natural resources is not just a question of fashion, but something that has been part of my life for many years - even when on holiday.


Reset: light, warmth, silence

Sometimes, when I go somewhere new, a sort of reset button deep inside me is activated. After just a few breaths all my stresses and strains dissipate into a warm feeling of well-being and my swirling thoughts come to a halt. Just a few steps into in our apartment and I know that the Moar Lodge has been a stroke of good fortune! It smells of wood, with the white, pale grey and warm brown tones of the interior set off by natural materials. The sunlight that shines into the apartment through the wide glass windows lies like a soft golden cloak on the furnishings - and on the mind. It is quiet here. From the terrace we savour panoramic views of the landscape: our gaze wanders across the valley of the River Etsch to the forests and up to the Vigiljoch mountain opposite. With joyful anticipation, my husband points to the still snow-capped mountains, sparkling under a pastel-blue sky - in his mind he is already zooming down the slopes of the nearby Meran2000 ski area.

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Spring in winter

I am still considering whether to candy-coat the holiday with a visit to the Meran Therme spa complex or whether the temperatures will let me go out for a walk, when I make a discovery in the garden that straightaway answers my question and at the same time prompts a happy “oh!” of amazement: in a sheltered corner by the fence the first daffodils are nodding their sun-yellow faces in the fresh air. And, as I stretch out my neck in the soft February sun, I can smell it quite clearly: spring is now in the air – very much the green light for my hiking plans! Bursting with energy, Susanne, the lady of the house, also of course has a wealth of suggestions for walks, plus route description, not to mention tips for cultural attractions in and around Meran.

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Local tastes can be fun!

The very next day I aim to set off into the natural world around Meran. But only after a substantial breakfast! The homemade jams, honey from the hives in the orchards above the Moar Lodge and a cup of South Tyrolean herbal tea are all too good to miss! Just like the apple juice from the neighbouring Moar-Hof farm, run by Susanne's father and brother. Sustainability – including in the form of local produce - is very much the theme here. And it can be fun too: the bottle of red wine, also from the Moar-Hof, that we found (and emptied) on the first night in our apartment, amidst increasing giggles, tasted - hic! – just fine…


Our “winter-spring-holiday-break” (unfortunately) flew by. But the feeling of deep restfulness and relaxation that we took away from our stay at the Moar Lodge has certainly lasted longer, not least thanks to – indeed because of - Susanne's warmth and her thoughtful, sustainable ideas. A sustained “green” indeed!