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The authentic Merano holiday

… in the villa district Obermais-Maia Alta

What defines an authentic holiday in Merano? Well … first of all Merano as a backdrop is a clear must! The spa town in the valley with its splendid art nouveau houses. With the Passer Promenade and the Tappeiner Way, adorned with beautiful flowers and plants of all sorts. With the historic arcades, inviting you to stroll through them and to stop for some ice cream or a cappuccino. And with all its typical, mediterranean appeal!

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The ideal holiday location

The AUTHENTIC Merano holiday requires something more, though, something essential really: an accommodation that is as gracious and relaxed as the city itself. And here’s Haus Obermais, situated in the eponymous villa district! Rita Knoll-Schleuniger has created an idyllic holiday home for her guests, offering an ideal gateway for a relaxing (and thrilling) break with a breathtaking view over all of Merano and as far as the Tappeiner Way, the San Zeno castle and the Texel Group. The city centre is only a short walk away and there are plenty of exciting bike tours awaiting you in Merano and environs or in the Passeiertal valley – Haus Obermais is located directly along the cycle path!

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Mediterranean flair in the heart of the Alps

Plunge into the pool, let the lush green and the quiet of the garden work its magic. Set out for the surroundings early in the morning, on foot or on your bike. Feel the spa atmosphere of Merano with every cell of your body, breathe deeply, leave the daily routine behind. Enjoy the delicacies of the alpine-mediterranean cuisine served in the restaurants in and around Maia Alta, and try a few of the fine wines produced on site. And then come home to Haus Obermais … yes, that’s the AUTHENTIC Merano holiday: easy and informal, true, fitting your every whim and mood.

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Have a look at what there is to be seen!

There are obviously plenty of places of interest to visit staying at Haus Obermais! First of all, the legendary Trauttmansdorff Castle, Empress Sissi’s summer residence with its lush gardens: a living painting of local and exotic flowers and plants that will charm you with their colours and scents right away. Or Tyrol Castle high above Merano and easily reachable with the spectacular panorama chairlift starting from the city centre. The Hochmuth cable car takes you from Tirol to the Merano High Mountain Trail or up to the mountain station Hochmuth at an altitude of 1,400 m above sea level. And down in the valley you can hike through Merano’s beautiful surroundings following the Waalwege (paths along ancient irrigation channels). Starting in the Passer Gorge, the Gilf Promenade winds its path up the Zeno hill to San Zeno Castle and the Powder Tower. Wow-perspectives are guaranteed! And that’s definitely not the end of your Merano adventure, as your host at Haus Obermais surely has some more insider tips to share with you! An authentic Merano holiday: that’s what you get at Haus Obermais. Just give it a try: choose the Italian Dolce Vita – in the heart of the Alps.
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