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Südtiroler Privatvermieter

9/13/2018 Selfmade, handmade – heartmade

Pets very welcome

A holiday without our dog Stella? For me and my family this is something simply unimaginable. For people like us who would never dream of leaving home without their four-legged friends, Silke and Werner at the Haus Sonngarten in Villnöss are the perfect hosts: they are open to the outside world while passionate about the little things – real all-rounders. And they enjoy the company of both two- and four-legged friends, meaning that people and pets feel equally at home here. The warm hospitality, spacious and tasteful apartment and beautiful surroundings can only mean a wonderful holiday!

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Genuinely genuine

Werner, the private landlord, is truly a “really nice guy”. He is genuine, as is his love for detail – and for his partner Silke. “We make a really good team,” he says, “only together could we have turned our apartment into what it is today.” It was only two years ago that the pair decided to rent out the flat, which was previously Werner’s home, as a holiday apartment. And, as a carpenter, he of course has a certain advantage. “I really enjoyed making the rooms to my own design”, Werner tells us when we arrive, “but I left the finishing touches to Silke, as she has really good taste and gave the place its comfortable and stylish character.”

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Plenty of space

We really, really like it! Instead of a humdrum hotel room, we have a comfortable individual space of 90m². The surrounding grassy area features a playground, private barbecue and terrace – a place where each guest can truly feel at home. Whether human, dog, or cat - all are welcome here. Silke and Werner have already prepared a cosy bed, a bowl and welcome treats and, if our cat Paule (who is being looked after by Grandma Herta during our absence) was a member of the party, he would have found a scratching post and litter tray in “his” apartment – this is what it is like holidaying with real pet specialists! “Ever since I can remember we have had animals on the farm where I grew up”, says Werner, “they are simply a part of my life! And since I know that guests like to have their pets on holiday with them, we don’t want to stand in their way!”

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Holiday land

With Werner and Silke we not only appreciate the all-round good feeling in the house, including a games room for younger guests (the games console can rescue a holiday on rainy days and with teenagers!), but also the unique surroundings. The views from the self-built lounge area in the garden over the famous Geisler peaks are indescribably beautiful and inspiring at the same time: every evening we ask them for advice for the following day’s hike. There are many hiking trails in the immediate vicinity, it is a walk of just three minutes into the village – and, should we need a “culture break”, we can hop on the bus into Bozen - the bus services here are very good.


So... Stella definitely has no problem with holidaying in the famous Villnöss Valley; perhaps our cat Paule will also join us next year in our delightfully stylish apartment - and what about us? We receive a truly delicious apple strudel as a welcome gift and we have lots of happy holiday memories to take back home with us! What more could man – or beast – possibly want!?
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