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The Kurhaus
Meran-Merano – a Mediterranean atmosphere with palm trees and aloe vera. A variety of plants on the Tappeinerweg path, views from Dorf Tirol castle and the rushing waters of the river along the Passer Promenade.

This is where the Empress Sissi used to stroll. But it's not just the imperial aura of the spa town that makes it so unique: pretty boutiques, bars and bistros, alehouses and pizzerias tempt visitors to stop and have a drink and a bite to eat. Colourful flowerbeds and verdant lawns provide a refreshing breath of air. The spa town of Meran-Merano is a great experience for explorers, connoisseurs and fans of South Tyrol!

We will show you the town as the locals live it on a daily basis. It's quite simple:
my Meran-Merano, your Meran-Merano - #mymerano