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Clouds dance over Völser Weiher lake

You can wait for the weather to be perfect, or you can take it as it comes and make the day a perfect one. In the morning, sunshine and clouds jostle for position in the sky above South Tyrol – but we are optimistic and set off on a leisurely excursion amongst friends to Völser Weiher lake. Starting point: Seis am Schlern.

There are colourful flowers and green woodland to accompany us along the path, which is child-friendly, too. We carry on down narrow tracks and across sturdy wooden bridges, with frequent signs to let us know that we're still on the right path. Wooden benches invite us to sit and linger awhile, but we continue our stroll.

When the woodland path suddenly opens out to reveal lush green meadows with fantastic views of the Schlern massif rising up out of nowhere, we allow ourselves a short stop. The sun does the same and blue sky can be seen shining out through the wisps of cloud.

Even though we could easily stay there a little longer, we carry on our way. We'd like to enjoy as much sun as possible by the lake. But as we make out the lake through the trees going down the last stretch of path, we realise that the clouds have overtaken us and multiplied. They dance a romantic tango with the sun's rays.

In the meantime, we while away the time with the ukelele that we brought with us and test the water temperature with the tips of our toes. The water is surprisingly warm. Could we wager a dip today, after all? A few brave souls are already swimming in the lake.

Then, at last, the wind blows away the clouds and the sun comes out! Its warming rays encourage us to take a quick dip in the water. Really quick, as the next clouds are already on their way...

Thank you sun for gracing us with your presence! A thicker blanket of cloud starts to form and it is time to go home.

The sun can't resist shining on us in Seis as we leave. We smile at each other in satisfaction – it was worth the trip after all! We recommend that anyone staying with a private host in the surrounding area do the same …