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The Christmas market stereotypes

Which one are you?

It's that time of year again: the villages and towns of South Tyrol are decked out for a month and a half with fairy lights, fleecy bearskin hats, all sorts of traditional items and home-made treats. And with 'Speck'! And apple strudel! And mulled wine! They're all part and parcel of it. There's nothing like a good cliché, though. Do you like clichés? Which type of Christmas market-goer are you?

In search of the Christmas spirit?

Shortly before Christmas it's cold outside, the snow is more slushy than sparkling, or has yet to show its face, and your to-do list is getting longer and longer thanks to the obligatory purchase of Christmas presents. Does the festive spirit still elude you? Isn't that why you head for the Christmas market? It smells so Christmassy here, of cinnamon and biscuits, there are steaming mugs of mulled wine, and little romantic fairy lights everywhere. Yes, you'll find plenty of Christmas spirit to warm your cockles and cuddle up to! That's what it's there for.

christkindlmarktgaenger-01 christkindlmarktgaenger-05

Lover of magical worlds?

Do you love it when there's glitter everywhere? When the traditional stands are brimming with little figurines, Christmas souvenirs, tinsel and Christmas baubles? Are you drawn to kitsch in general? Then you're a lover of magical worlds! And you're not alone. It wouldn't be Christmas without the sparkly cheer! Just like 'Last Christmas', which you can never get enough of on the radio (or in your head)...

christkindlmarktgaenger-02_thumb christkindlmarktgaenger-03_thumb

Mulled wine addicts

There's nothing like a steaming mug of mulled wine at the right time of year. Christmas hasn't arrived until your nose is frozen but you've got a mug of the red stuff to warm yourself up with? Mushroom heaters are your winter happy place and Christmas angels your friends? You don't care for nativity figures, fleecy hats and Christmas baubles? And definitely not one of the stands where there's no mulled wine available? Then you are a classic case of mulled wine addict. And you're in the majority – at least with the locals of South Tyrol ;-)

Christmas shopping fans

Oh, the Christmas market! It offers the perfect occasion to get some Christmas shopping done, doesn't it? You can find all that your loved-ones could wish for: South Tyrol souvenirs, fleecy polar bear, panda or bunny hats, felt slippers from Sarntal valley for cosy toes and lots of tasty treats to stock up on, from 'Speck' to strudel and home-made sausage to 'Lebkuchen' and biscuits … the fashion boutiques are not far away, either. There's nothing better than sophisticated Italian fashion! You can allow yourself a treat from time to time, surely.


Tradition hounds

South Tyrol! The land of mountains, of rural traditions, of mountain farmers and castles. And wine – yes, wine! And apples – red, yellow, green or pink. So many pretty, sacred images. And at Christmas time especially! When sparkling Italian nonchalance meets Tyrolean practicality, when everyone contemplates the beauty of life. And you wish to be in the thick of it? Then it's off to the Christmas markets, but stopping to visit museums, castles and the sights, too? Congratulations – you are a tradition hound! And no wonder, it's unusual to find such a multitude of things in one place. Visit it, live your dream!

christkindlmarktgaenger-04 christkindlmarktgaenger-06[2]

As you can see, it's not just the Christmas markets that have their special features – but those that frequent them, too! And they'll all be satisfied, no matter which category they fall into. That's because there's tradition, mulled wine, sparkly decorations and souvenirs here – and festive spirit. What more could you want for Christmas?

Click HERE for the way to all the Christmas markets including opening times and special features :-)