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On first name terms with wines from South Tyrol

Wine means more than tradition for South Tyroleans, whose experience in this field goes back 3,000 years. Such staying power requires more than just economic interest and nothing works without passion. Passion for wine has been creating quite a stir in recent years. The spreading of viticulture, appreciation of excellent wines and the desire to light up the soul of wine have taken on viral proportions. This becomes evident when looking at award after award amassed by South Tyrol wines in various gourmet and wine guides.

The first moment of truth arrives in autumn

The grape harvest reveals what has been favourable and what not for the cultivation and tending of the vines and how well St. Peter and Bacchus have got together on in organising the weather over the summer and in autumn, which is when the quality of the berries is determined in the cellar.

The second moment of truth arrives in spring

...when wine is the focus for four days in March at Bozen Wine Tasting Event taking place at Schloss Maretsch and hundreds of wines are presented. But events on a smaller scale are also held in wine cellars and wine bars, where experienced and less experienced wine connoisseurs and wine lovers may detect and sniff out the differences between the various Pinot Noirs from a number of different wineries, for example.

Nothing comes from nothing

When it comes to not merely settling for a very good wine, but achieving the impossible, the stubborn character of the people of Tyrol pays dividends. A handful of South Tyrol wine farmers got together under the label of Tirolensis Ars Vini in order to produce so-called 'table wine'. By rights, this feat of grape juice processing may not be called anything else. Yet connoisseurs will have three sniffs of a glass of 'Tatzelwurm wine', and will let it flow over the tongue three times as this precious blood-like liquid passes their lips and close their eyes to savour the array of aromas and explosion of tastes.

Entry tickets to the world of wine

Those who view the world of wine as being exclusive and a little like a closed book can gain access to it on wine safaris and paths, in the Wine Museum and at the Wine Academy, on tours and at events about the South Tyrol Wine Road. The wine villages of the Wine Road line up like pearls next to each other. In Andrian, Eppan, Kaltern, Tramin and Montan there is private accommodation to be found in the South of South Tyrol. For a holiday dedicated to wine.