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About me
Hi, my name is Sabine and I’ve been working as a Marketing and Social Media Manager at Südtirol Privat for some four years now. If my colleagues were to describe me, they’d probably tell you that I’m an open-minded, cheerful and adventurous girl – and an absolute fan of South Tyrol! And YES, I am! I love being out and about, zooming down the pistes or roaming through the great outdoors, and the camera is my most faithful companion. Sharing my best experiences and most wonderful impressions with you is something I truly enjoy: read all about my adventures in South Tyrol in the "Sabine on tour" section! What I like most about our lovely little country? The fantastic sunrises and sunsets in the mountains, of course. What about you? Come along and join me on my tour through the beautiful landscapes of South Tyrol!
South Tyrol’s Waalwege are an exhilarating landscape adventure at any time of year, an invitation to hike, walk and enjoy. Follow this blog post along the paths!

Have you heard of the South Tyrolean irrigation channels in the Vinschgau Valley and around Meran? Now you can go with the flow – without getting wet, of course!

Ancient treasure troves of water and knowledge
But first, a little bit of history: the Waale are the artificial irrigation systems that people in certain regions of South Tyrol constructed centuries ago so as to supply water to their fields, and sometimes to their farms. Especially in areas of low rainfall, such as the Vinschgau Valley, these systems developed into a sophisticated, extensive irrigation network – in some cases, the water would flow over a distance of 600 km! Many of these irrigation channels are still in use today.
Paths – the so-called Waalwege – run directly alongside the channels. They have always been used to carry out maintenance work and were once intended solely for the “Waaler”, as the keepers were called.

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Live stream!
The Waalwege of the Vinschgau Valley and the area around Meran are things of wonder – and for wandering. Among the loveliest paths in South Tyrol, they lead amidst South Tyrol’s cultivated landscape, past apple orchards, via vineyards, over meadows and through forests. They include, for example, the numerous channels along the Sonnenberg and Nördersberg mountains in the Vinschgau Valley; the Oberwaal by Mals on the Malser Haide; the Brandis Waalweg above Lana; the Waalrunde tour around Meran; the Schenna Waalweg higher up, the Waalweg linking Marling and Algund; and the four Waalwege in the Passeier Valley. There’s certainly plenty of choice! ;-)

blogbeitrag-waalwege-03 blogbeitrag-waalwege-04

Whether you are alone or in a group, in search of peace and quiet – there is a suitable Waal for everyone to walk, all year round. Indeed, most of these paths can easily be negotiated while pushing a pram!

There are inns and restaurants along the paths or at the start and end points to stop for refreshment: the channels not only help water the fields, they can also offer sustenance to walkers. And, should you only wish to walk part of a route, you can also check the bus and train timetables in advance and return comfortably via public transport.

It’s best to ask the private hosts of South Tyrol – as locals, they not only have the best suggestions for walks, but also the tastiest culinary tips! Whatever you choose, I wish you lots of fun while you are out exploring and enjoying!

Yours from the heart,

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15. October 2020 by Sabine
2 min.
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Cool down!
There are plenty of other ways to enjoy summer in South Tyrol than going for a dip in an outdoor pool or a hike in the mountains! And, as the heat can sometimes be too much for us too, Sabine has picked out her ten favourite summer tips and ...
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