Vineyards and apple orchards cover the valley floor, with wide meadows and thick forests on the slopes alternating with Alpine pastures higher up. The regional capital, Bozen/Bolzano, lies at the junction between the Sarntal Valley to the north, the Etschtal Valley to the northwest, the Valle Isarco to the northeast and the southern Überetsch and Unterland areas, the centre of the region and indeed of the whole land: it represents the whole holiday region as a charismatic blend of Mediterranean joie de vivre and a tradition-conscious way of life.

Borders, not limits!

The valley narrows at Salorno, the boundary between South Tyrol and Trentino, while the head of the Sarn Valley forms the northern border of Bolzano and its environs, a region that also covers the Tschöggelberg and Ritten mountains to the north, the Mendel and Fennberg ridges to the west and the Reggelberg, with the Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn peaks, to the east. South Tyrol is a land of castles and Appiano is its very essence, boasting some 80 castles, forts and stately residences; the ruins of Castelfeder between Ora, Egna and Montagna offer delightful views over the region.

Bolzano and environs
Bolzano and environs

Culture and landscape

Spring arrives particularly early here, with the small and lovely Spring Valley even named after the season! The cultivated landscape along the Wine Route also offers spring a wonderful stage. There are several bathing lakes, such as the famous Lake Kaltern, for a refreshing dip in the summer, while in winter the walking areas of the Rittner Horn, Jochgrimm and Reinswald transform into exciting ski areas for all the family. The cultural history of Bolzano and its environs is reflected in its museums and celebrated with traditional festivities and customs. Wine too plays a vital role here and can be found and enjoyed in all its forms in wine bars, wine shops and wineries: wine is part of the landscape, culture and everyday life. The Trudner Horn and Schlern-Rosengarten nature parks meanwhile are devoted simply to Mother Nature.

Whether walking, cycling, skiing or swimming, Bolzano and environs offer a variety of scenery and mountains: the Italian-German cultural mix makes this holiday region particularly rich in diversity.