Orchards, deciduous and coniferous forests, lakes and mountain peaks all dominate the natural landscape of Bolzano and environs. Here can be found Alpine flora and fauna mixed with Mediterranean species: cypress trees and oleander, oranges and olives all flourish alongside the vineyards in the valleys, while in the mountains, Alpine roses nestle next to mountain pines and ibex defend their territory. A cultivated landscape, wooded mountain slopes, soil erosion and rock formations – here is the terrain at a glance.

The area of Bolzano and environs is guarded by the Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn peaks to the east, the Roen and Penegal mountains to the west and the Hirzer to the north. There are the “Stoanerne Mandln” standing stones in the Sarntal Valley, the Earth pyramids on the Ritten plateau, Castelfeder near Montagna or the Bletterbach gorge in Aldino, while Europe’s largest larch meadow can be found on the Salten plateau above Bozen/Bolzano. Further south can be found a very special creature: the brown bear. In 2015 eight of these animals made the mixed woodlands their home, mainly in the area of the Fennberg above Cortaccia. Further north, near Eppan, are the fascinating “ice holes”, a place to cool off even in high summer. In the southeast of the valley is located the Trudner Horn nature park and, to the northeast, the Schlern-Rosengarten nature park. Bolzano and environs offers a mixture of Mediterranean freshness and traditional mountain culture, with large and small traces of natural wonders everywhere to be found.

Nature in Bolzano and environs
Nature in Bolzano and environs

The natural of world of Bolzano and environs:

  • earth pyramids on the Ritten plateau
  • “Stoanerne Mandeln” standing stones in the Sarntal Valley
  • Bletterbach gorge in Aldino
  • Castelfeder near Egna
  • the larch meadow on the Salten plateau
  • Lake Kaltern and its adjacent biotope
  • Trudner Horn and Schlern-Rosengarten nature parks