Standing in the midst of the green spa town of Merano/Meran is simultaneously to stand in an Alpine and a Mediterranean world. There are lemon trees, palms, magnolias and olive trees, as well as soaring, snow-covered peaks to be seen. The landscape is a charismatic blend of south and north that is reflected by the local culture: the special atmosphere of Merano/Meran!

Valley traditions and mountain glaciers

Like the regional capital, the whole holiday region is marked by its natural and cultural diversity. In the north, the Schnalstal Valley is home to age-old traditions in an unspoilt valley landscape between glaciers, that also once held Ötzi the Iceman in its spell. The Passeiertal Valley is surrounded by the Texel Group nature park and the Sarntal, Ötztal and Stubaier Alps. To the southwest is the Ultental Valley with its centuries-old mountain farmsteads and the even older larch forests of the Ortler Alps before Merano and its environs merge into the area of Bolzano and environs. In winter the high-Alpine mountain world changes into a snowy white backdrop with numerous skiing areas.

Merano and environs
Merano and environs

Health resorts and culinary riches

The Kurhaus and Trauttmansdorff Castle are symbols of the Habsburg era in Merano/Meran, while the castles in the villages of Prissiano and Tirolo also exude a princely air. Visitors may relax like royalty in the Therme Meran hot baths, or stroll as aristocrats once did along the numerous Waalwege (paths along ancient irrigation channels) and promenades in and around the city. For a more demanding physical challenge there is the Merano/Meran high-level trail with its huts offering regional specialities that, just like the culture of Merano and environs, bear witness to the Alpine-Mediterranean contrasts. For walking, cycling and most definitely for a returnvisit, this unique mix is reflected in the city’s cuisine, its culture, its society and its history.