A day out by the lake is perfect for parents and children alike, and Bolzano and environs offer plenty of choice: natural lakes to cool off in include the Wolfsgruben Lake on the Ritten plateau, the Göller Lake in Aldino or Lake Fennberg above Cortaccia, while Lake Kaltern and the two Montiggl lakes also offer pedalos and rowing boats. Family walks in the surrounding natural world are also an adventure: the Urlesteig way in the Sarntal Valley is a 15 km themed trail about water and the indigenous wildlife; there is the informative bee trail near the Plattner Bienenhof beekeeping museum on the Ritten plateau; and the frosty but fun walk to the “ice holes” above Appiano. The mysterious natural pine maze on the Rittner Horn – with the nearby “Black Lake” for wading – offers fun for both young and old. A stop at one of the huts gives walkers the chance to restore lost energy; or perhaps enjoying an outdoor picnic would be preferable? Bolzano and environs allows young children to become distinguished explorers, with family fun the order of the day.

In winter the ski areas of Reinswald and the Rittner Horn are ideal for families: child-friendly ski schools and toboggan runs, with moonlight tobogganing a special highlight. The wide, sunny slopes at Reinswald and the undemanding winter sports areas and ski kindergarten on the Ritten plateau are perfect for all. There are also numerous gentle winter walks and, when the temperature drops, ice skating on the lakes is possible too.

Family holiday in Bolzano and environs
Family holiday in Bolzano and environs

Special excursions for children and adults in South Tyrol

  • An entertaining journey through the 250-million year history of the Earth at “Bletterbach for Kids
  • The Long Night of Research at the end of September, the Long Night of the Museums at the end of November and the Kids’ Festival at the end of May in Bozen/Bolzano
  • Llama trekking to the earth pyramids by Soprabolzano on the Ritten plateau
  • Visit Ötzi the Iceman at the Museum of Archaeology with special guided tours for families