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Quanto bene conoscete l’Alto Adige? Le tradizioni, la storia e gli usi e costumi di ogni sua valle? Se a queste domande scuotete la testa, allora siete finiti sulla pagina giusta. In questo blog vogliamo condividere con voi esperienze, eventi e particolarità del nostro amato territorio, i punti panoramici più belli da cui ammirare il tramonto, le migliori ricette di ogni singola valle (le calorie non si contano!) e le attività più entusiasmanti. E molto, molto di più. Partite per un viaggio virtuale attraverso l’Alto Adige!
It’s the culmination of a pleasant hike, the reward after a summit tour, or simply a savoury afternoon snack.

Sweet, golden, curly: our funnel cake

“Strauben” is a traditional South Tyrolean funnel cake. Light and airy on the inside, golden and slightly crispy on the outside: it makes our hearts beat faster! In the fresh mountain air it tastes even better, because it turns into a well-earned and sweet reward that you can enjoy at a mountain hut in Meran and Environs after a hike along the irrigation channel trails, the Meran high mountain trail, or a hike to the Spronser Lakes. In short: it’s the crowning highlight of an enjoyable day in the mountains. We’re about to tell you how to bake this cake at home.

Homemade Strauben

For about 4 portions you need:
• 280g flour
• 40g melted butter
• 3 eggs
• ¼ litre of milk
• 2 tbsp schnapps
• Pinch of salt
• Frying oil
• A funnel
• Icing sugar and cranberry jam to garnish

Now follow these steps:
1. Mix the flour, butter, milk, and schnapps (so that the mixture isn’t too greasy) and flavour the mixture with a pinch of salt. It should be thick but runny.
2. Heat the frying oil until it’s at the right temperature (170°C). Note: If the oil is too hot, the funnel cake will burn easily; if isn’t hot enough, it will become greasy.
3. Pour the mixture into a funnel and hold the bottom opening closed with a finger until you are above the hot oil. Let the mixture flow in a spiral until the whole pan is covered with curls.
4. Bake the cake on both sides, until golden brown. Then carefully lift it out with a ladle, leave to drain, and sprinkle with icing sugar.
Strauben is traditionally served with a spoon of cranberry jam! But we’ve got a tip for you: Chocolate cream also goes wonderfully with the warm pastry.


Strauben sharing is caring!

Think about it: Strauben tastes so much better when you share it with your friends and family. Listen carefully: Eat the funnel cake with your fingers (cutlery is taboo when eating Strauben)!

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